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Businesses of all sizes and industries rely heavily on overseas sourcing to reduce costs and improve profitability. However, the process of sourcing from overseas suppliers can be complex and risky, especially for businesses that lack the expertise, resources, and networks to navigate the complex landscape of international trade. While sites like have made it easier for businesses to source products from overseas suppliers, they come with significant drawbacks and limitations. This is where Linton Group, a leading overseas sourcing and supply chain company, can provide numerous benefits over sites like

Quality Assurance

One of the biggest concerns with overseas sourcing is ensuring the quality of the products being sourced. Linton Group provides quality assurance services that ensure all products meet or exceed the client’s standards. This includes auditing and monitoring of factories, pre-shipment inspections, and product testing. On the other hand, offers limited quality assurance and relies on the supplier’s claims, which can be unreliable and result in significant losses for businesses.


Linton Group has extensive experience in negotiating and contracting with overseas suppliers, which ensures clients receive the best possible pricing and terms. In contrast, places the power in the hand of the factory, which is complex and risky.

Compliance and Legal Issues

Linton Group is well-versed in the regulatory, compliance, and legal issues that can arise when sourcing products from overseas suppliers. Our extensive network of suppliers and partners ensures that clients are compliant with relevant regulations, including environmental and labor laws. In contrast, provides limited guidance on compliance and legal issues, leaving buyers to navigate the complex legal landscape on their own.

Product Development

Our extensive experience in product development and can provide valuable insights into product design, sourcing, and manufacturing. Our clients create unique products that meet their specific needs, including providing design assistance and identifying the most suitable materials and production methods. In contrast, is a marketplace that is more focused on product listings rather than product development.

Supply Chain Management

With a thorough grasp of supply chain logistics, Linton Group guides our clients through streamlining their supply chains to lower costs and increase efficiency. Our network of logistics and warehousing partners guarantee prompt and affordable product delivery., in contrast, does not offer supply chain management services and completely defers to the buyer and supplier in terms of logistics.

Cultural Understanding

Linton Group has a deep understanding of the cultural norms and customs in the countries where we operate. This allows us to navigate the complexities of international business and build strong relationships with overseas suppliers. Linton’s presence in China allows us to bridge the cultural gap and ensure clear communication and effective collaboration between the client and supplier. In contrast, is a global marketplace that does not have the same level of cultural understanding and may rely on automated language translations that can be imprecise.

While has made it easier for businesses to source products from overseas suppliers, it comes with significant limitations and drawbacks. Linton Group provides numerous benefits, including quality assurance, negotiation and contracting, compliance and legal support, product development, supply chain management, and cultural understanding. Our partnered brands have confidence that their overseas sourcing needs are being met with the highest level of expertise, quality, and care.