New Product Development

Whether you’re looking to launch a new product line or expand your existing product offerings, our New Product Development service can help you achieve your goals. Our team of experts has extensive experience in product design and development, sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics. We work with businesses to bring new products to market, from conceptualization to final production and delivery. Our goal is to help inventors and brand owners turn their ideas into successful products.

Product Design

The design of a product is a critical factor in its success. Our team of product designers have years of experience in creating innovative and functional designs that meet the needs of customers. We work with brands to understand their goals and target market, and use that information to create a product design that meets their needs.

Design Process

Step 1


Once we have a clear understanding of your business objectives and target market, our team at Linton Group dives into the conceptualization phase of our New Product Development service. We combine our industry knowledge, market research, and creative expertise to develop a compelling product concept that aligns with your brand and resonates with your target audience.

A man sitting in an office thinking of product ideas
woman at desk designing on computer

Step 2

Design & Development

As the design evolves, our team will leverage various tools and techniques to develop detailed renderings, 3D models, or even interactive prototypes. Advanced computer-aided design (CAD) software enables us to create accurate representations of the product, incorporating specific dimensions, materials, and manufacturing considerations. This level of detail allows us to assess the feasibility and functionality of the design, ensuring that it can be efficiently produced and meets all the necessary requirements.

Step 3


The creation of a physical prototype is a crucial step in the product development process. It allows us to test the design, gather valuable feedback, and make necessary improvements before moving forward with manufacturing. This prototype serves as a tangible representation of the design and allows us to assess its functionality, ergonomics, and overall feasibility. By combining craftsmanship and modern manufacturing techniques, we can create a prototype that accurately represents the final product.

group of people observing construction of prototype
man negotiating with other man at factory

Step 4

Testing & Quality Control

Testing plays a critical role in our product development process. It allows us to validate the functionality, quality, and performance of the product, ensuring that it meets our strict standards and the demands of the target market. Through comprehensive functional and non-functional testing, we can identify and address any issues, bugs, or usability concerns, resulting in a high-quality product that offers an exceptional user experience. By emphasizing testing throughout the development lifecycle, we demonstrate our commitment to delivering products that consistently meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Sourcing & Manufacturing

Linton’s team of experts will work with factories to negotiate favorable terms and prices. We believe that sourcing products from international factories is an effective way to reduce costs, while maintaining high standards of quality and delivery.

Sourcing & Manufacturing Process

Step 1

Factory Vetting

Through our meticulous factory vetting process, we establish partnerships with manufacturing facilities that meet our strict standards for quality, delivery, and cost-effectiveness. By doing so, we ensure that our products are produced to the highest standards, delivered on time, and offered at competitive prices. These partnerships contribute to our ability to consistently deliver superior products to the market, meeting the expectations of our customers and driving the success of our business.

Step 2


During the negotiation process, we aim to strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and maintaining the desired level of quality. Our team leverages market research and benchmarking to ensure that the proposed terms and prices are competitive within the industry. We analyze various cost components, including raw materials, production processes, and overhead expenses, to assess the factory’s pricing structure. Armed with this knowledge, we negotiate with the factories to secure the most favorable terms and prices for our clients.

Step 3

Factory Accountability

Our monitoring efforts involve regular visits to the factories, where our dedicated team of experts conducts thorough inspections and assessments. We meticulously examine various aspects of the manufacturing process, including quality control measures, production techniques, and worker conditions. By closely scrutinizing these areas, we can identify any potential issues that may compromise the quality or fairness of the products.

In the event that we encounter any concerns or discrepancies during our monitoring process, we take immediate action to address them. Our approach is collaborative, as we believe in working closely with the factories to find effective solutions. We engage in open and transparent communication, discussing the identified issues and setting clear expectations for improvement. Through this cooperative approach, we foster a culture of accountability and encourage factories to take responsibility for the products they produce.


Our logistics team will handle the final stages of production and delivery. We have a comprehensive logistics network in place, and our team of experts will ensure that the product is delivered to the client on time and in the best possible condition.

Logistics Process

Step 1

Final Production

Once a purchase order is received, our logistics team initiates a seamless coordination process with the factory and all relevant stakeholders involved in the production and delivery. They meticulously review the production timeline, ensuring that all necessary materials and resources are readily available for a smooth manufacturing process. Our team maintains constant communication with the factory to address any potential bottlenecks or challenges that may arise during production.

Step 2


Once the optimal shipping strategy is determined, our logistics team closely monitors the entire journey of the product from the factory to its final destination. They ensure that all necessary documentation, permits, and customs requirements are fulfilled, facilitating smooth border crossings and minimizing any potential delays. Constant communication is maintained with the carriers and freight forwarders to track the progress of the shipment and promptly address any unforeseen issues that may arise.

Our New Product Development service is designed to provide brands with a comprehensive solution for bringing new products to market, from conceptualization to final production and delivery.

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