At Linton Group, we understand the journey that inventors face in bringing their ideas to market. Our team has helped numerous inventors take their product ideas from concept to production, making their visions a reality. We work with inventors who have innovative ideas that have not yet been produced, or who are looking to improve upon an existing product. Linton Group’s services include everything from product ideation and design to sourcing and manufacturing.

Our experienced team has a deep understanding of manufacturing which we use to guide inventors through the entire process, helping them navigate any potential hurdles along the way. We are committed to providing personalized, hands-on service to every inventor we work with, making sure their product is manufactured to the highest standard of quality and at a cost that fits within their budget.

As an inventor, you have a great idea and a prototype, but what next? You need a partner that can help you manufacture your product and bring it to market. Linton Group can help you develop your product, optimize your supply chain, and negotiate with factories to produce your product at the highest quality and lowest cost possible. We understand the importance of intellectual property protection and work to ensure that your product and brand are safe. Linton specializes in regulatory compliance and shipping logistics so you can focus on marketing and selling your product. Let Linton Group help you turn your great idea into a successful product.